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Demons in the Church
Publisher's Note
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Demons In The Church

Publishers Note
to the 1st Edition

Sunset of the Western Church was first published in 1986. At
the time, the author believed that the Lord led him to give that
book a different name. But some timorous brethren at a Bible
college talked him out of it. The name he wanted to use was
"too drastic," they said. Too explosive. Present convulsions
within the evangelical church have proven how erroneous that
criticism was. As a result, the author is naming this sequel
what he was guided to name it in the first place: Demons in
the Church.
   Controversial though it may have been, Sunset was well re-
ceived by Christians of many denominations, and went through
four English printings, and one Spanish. In the ensuing years,
Mr. Skolfield received hundreds of phone calls and letters,
affirming, or asking for more details on the Scriptural princi-
ples upon which that little book was based That is what this
new work is all about. It is an expansion and clarification of
the biblical precepts which were so sketchily addressed in
   A little of this book will be familiar to those who have read
Sunset, but most is new. The theology upon which the submis-
sion ordinance is based is expanded, and many present-day
accounts of demonic activity within the church are recorded.
Furthermore, Sunset needed updating because letters and
phone calls received after its publication gave personal
testimonies of encounters with the enemy that should be

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