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Demons in the Church
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This book is dedicated
 to Him we all hope
 to soon see.

Thanks, however, go to many people. First, to the many dear
brothers and sisters who shared their spiritual struggles, and
who in great part made this book possible. Then, to Myrl
Allinder, Charles Baldini, Jeff Brannon, Tom Case, Mel
Hoelzle, Bob Hughes, Craig Marlatt, William McGrath, Dorvan
Yoder, and the many other brethren who read the manuscript
for doctrinal or conceptual error. And to those who remained
at peace with this flawed servant, even when they disagreed
with him.
   To Selby Beebe, who spent long hours into the night,
correcting grammar and punctuation, to Dayna Hamp for her
additional help; and to DTS, a distinguished professional
editor, who would have apoplexy if his name were to be
mentioned. To a patient and godly wife, who fed and took care
of this old bear, even when he was too absorbed in his work to
thank her.
   A special thanks to those who prayed that the Lord would
protect the author while this book was being written; for if the
concepts it contains are true, then the enemy would prefer not
to see this book in print.

May the Lord richly bless that unnamed brother (3000 miles away)
whom the Lord led to defray the total cost of publishing this book

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