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Demons in the Church
Facing Reality
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Facing Reality

We can continue to play with evil spirits and doctrines of
demons if we want to, but the end thereof is death, not only in
this world, but for some, in the world to come, 1TI 4:1. If we
are not frightened by our tampering with the occult, it shows
a heart condition almost beyond help, "the sin unto death!"
1JO 5:16. As one looks out over the churches, we see many
poor souls who have turned aside to spiritism. They run
around incanting, "Praise you Jesus," with hands uplifted,
while disobedience is in their hearts:

EZE 13:17 "Now you, son of man, set your face against the
daughters of your people who are prophesying from their
own inspiration. Prophesy against them... (NASB)

152 Demons in the Church

   We don't need to go to some witches' coven in a major city to
find demonic activity. Women of the local churches are flitting
from hangnails to cancer, laying on hands, and saying in a fit
of mediumistic fervor, "Be healed in the name of Jesus!"
Saying "in the name of Jesus" does not sanctify open defi-
ance.119  We have scriptural examples of what happened to
people who tried for more spiritual authority than God granted
them by law. In addition to Korah, NUM 16, the sons of Sceva
tried exorcism, in Jesus' name, without themselves being
submitted to the Lord. The demons attacked them.

ACT 19:13-16 But also some of the Jewish exorcists, who went from
place to place, attempted to name over those who had the evil spirits
the name of the Lord Jesus, saying, "I adjure you by Jesus whom
Paul preaches." And seven sons of one Sceva, a Jewish chief priest,
were doing this. And the evil spirit answered and said to them, "I
recognize Jesus, and I know about Paul, but who are you?" And the
man, in whom was the evil spirit, leaped on them and subdued all of
them and overpowered them, so that they fled out of that house naked
and wounded. (NASB)

   With their husband's approval, Christian women are also in
open and direct disobedience to the submission statutes, "keep
silent... receive instruction in all quiet submissiveness... cover
her head... not exercise authority..." Yesterday, today, and
always, sick Christians are commanded to call the elders! The
elders have been given biblical authority to heal. God will not
short-circuit His own delegated authorities. If God healed
through one of these women, He would be placing His stamp
of approval on their disobedience of His Word. That He will
not do! That a woman may not be an elder is apparent from

EZE 13:23 ...therefore, you women will no longer see false visions
or practice divination, and I will deliver My people out of your hand.

   Those are the laws, and Satan knows it. In ignoring them,
women have given the enemy access to demonize what they do.
Why would Satan give someone the idea that they could heal

119 1TI 2:11, JAM 5:14

120 1TI 3:1-7 and TIT 1:5-9.

Facing Reality 153

in Jesus' name? To break down the authority of God's delegat-
ed elders, to discredit the Bible, and to lead us into rebellion.
So without anyone noticing it, the great apostasy has come
upon us.121

ISA 3:12 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women
rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err,
and destroy the way of thy paths. (KJV)

   When this book was begun, it appeared that just a few of the
charismatic phenomena were demonic. Recognizing that there
are rare exceptions, it now appears that most are. In the
demonic phenomena recorded here, and in many not men-
tioned, it seems that the persons involved were in some way
giving Satan access to their lives, either through some open
sin, or because the submission ordinance and related statutes
were ignored. That is sin, too. Sometimes, a foothold was
granted by knowing and understanding these commands, but
continuing to worship and fellowship in churches that disobey
them. That is just like Saul holding the cloaks of those who
stoned Stephen, ACT 7:58. The enemy is not blind. Even by
man's law that makes one an accomplice. Satan doesn't need
a super-highway. A little chink in the armor will do just fine.
   Through false doctrine or intimidation, members of many
charismatic congregations pressure others to exhibit the same
spiritual phenomena they do.122  A Baptist pastor in Mississippi
tells of an experience that took place after he had spoken
to a group of Full Gospel Christian Businessmen:

121 This in no wise means that women can't pray for the sick.
Christians of both genders have been praying for the brethren, with
the Lord's wonderful blessing, all the way back to the apostle Paul's
time; and many brethren have been healed. But there is a vast
difference between pleading for the Lord's mercy, and claiming that
you have been granted the miraculous power to heal. The first is
godly, the second is insolent presumption. With the exception of the
apostles themselves, there is not one confirmed example, in all church
history, of anyone whom the Lord so empowered.

122 Some Pentecostals, claiming to be filled with the spirit, look down
on those who do not speak in tongues, considering them to be "less
spiritual." I personally know one Pentecostal woman who believes
that she has become so spiritual that she has outgrown her need to
read or study the Bible.

154 Demons in the Church

After my sermon, men of the group surrounded me and said,
"That was great, preacher. Now all you really need is to be
filled with the Spirit and start speaking in tongues."
   "If that is what the Lord had in mind for me, let's go for
it," I said. So they surrounded me, laid hands on me, and
started praying over me in tongues. Nothing happened.
   Then they coached me in a few "tongue words," and prayed
over me some more. Still nothing happened, and they
appeared a little distressed. I said, "Look fellows, if the Holy
Spirit wants me to speak in tongues, I don't need to prime
the pump by mumbling something unintelligible, so I'm not
going to do that." Then they suggested that I hum, to kind
of get me started, and they began to pray over me in ear-
   Here I was, a grown man, going"Hummm... Hummm" with
all these other grown men standing around me muttering
something or other while I'm humming. So while I'm going
"Hummm... Hummm," I began to get tickled at the situation,
and started laughing uproariously. I couldn't help myself.
   The other men got real excited and joyous and said,
"Wow, look at that, he's laughing in the Spirit." When I
finally gained my composure and told them what was really
going on, they got pretty irritated with me.

   That sounds like a funny story, but there isn't anything
humorous about it. It could have ended in that pastor's
spiritual deception. Many a man would not have been so
analytical about what was happening in his heart, and one
more pastor could have been deluded into believing that he had
been "filled with the Spirit," and gone forth to teach that
doctrine in his church. That sort of thing actually happens.
If we are not diligent about walking in the truth, it's very easy
to spiritually delude ourselves. Phoebe Kinkaid of North
Dakota faked some of her charismatic experiences rather than
have her friends think she was not "spiritual" enough. Thank
the Lord for this dear sister who had the courage to come

123 Yoga practitioners also have a routine during which they hum.

Facing Reality 155

There is probably not a charismatic anywhere who will tell
you what I am about to. While I was in the movement I ex-
hibited all the "gifts," speaking in tongues, of being "slain"
(we called it resting) in the spirit, discernment, teaching and
prophecy. While I was "slain" in the spirit, I was never
really out cold; but with everyone else falling to the floor
around you, you felt pretty stupid if you're the only one left
   While I was in the movement I seemed to be happy, with
many ministries in the church; but upon reflection, it was a
false joy. Here is how I know. Along-time friend and sister
in the Lord lied about me. I felt betrayed and my joy
vanished. I was deeply hurt, and full of bitterness of spirit.
In spite of all my "gifts," forgiveness was impossible.
   In contrast, when I left the error of that movement, recog-
nized my position in Jesus, was baptized, and started
covering my head, I experienced real JOY! Not like before
at all, but rooted in my very soul, and the Lord gave me a
forgiving heart. Suddenly, it was easy to forgive my friend,
and many others who had wronged me far, far worse.
   If I had been in the movement for only a short time, I
could be mistaken about its true spiritual nature, but I was
a leader, a woman "elder" if you please, for nearly four years.
I was invited to other churches to "teach" people how to open
themselves up to the spirit. I would lay hands on people and
see them fall over (no big deal when you know what is going
on). Sometimes I had spiritual insights about others in the
group, given to me by the enemy no doubt, to validate my
"ministry." Scary, isn't it? I thank the Lord Jesus daily for
delivering me from that great deception.
   I feel sorry for my former brethren in the charismatic
movement. They have to go for their weekly "fix" of praising
and singing for hours, just to get pumped up so they can face
the week ahead.

   Then there is a dear, stalwart sister who worships in a
charismatic church in the black community. She is silent in
the assembly and wears a head-covering. She stands alone for
Jesus. Get this: the "tongue-speaking" ladies of the church
gang up on her, point at her covering, and pressure her with,
"You are resisting the spirit." Now whose spirits do you
suppose she is resisting by wearing a head-covering and
remaining silent? Not the Holy Spirit of God, surely.

156 Demons in the Church

On being Filled

   We have just seen how not to be filled with the Spirit, so how
do we obey "be filled with the Spirit" as EPH 5:18 commands?
Because of its simplicity, it is unbelievable that there are
saints who don't know how. It's easy. Just let the Holy Spirit
fulfill in your life the functions that He was sent here by Jesus
to perform! The Holy Spirit will surely accomplish what He
was sent here to do. Jesus told us plainly what the Spirit's
role would be in John 14 through 16. Simply stated, and
without getting into a lengthy theological explanation, the Holy
Spirit will:

1. Teach you all things: Read your Bible!
2. Reprove the world of sin: Witness!
3. Lead us to righteousness: Clean up your life!

   When we receive power of the Holy Spirit, it will be to
accomplish those three things. The Holy Spirit's office is to
glorify and witness for Jesus in the world, in our hearts, and
to bring us - God's children - into conformity to the image of
His Son, ROM 8:29. If we allow the Holy Spirit to perform His
stated offices through us, then we will suddenly, and unex-
pectedly, find ourselves filled with the Holy Spirit! You see
why, don't you? The Holy Spirit will fill those who are en-
gaged in the activities He was sent here to perform.

The Holy Spirit was sent to lead people to Jesus, and
to comfort and correct the saints!

   That is so elementary, how do we miss it? If we are obedi-
ent, if we let Him function in the way the Bible tells us He was
sent to function; then maybe, He might give us one of the
"greater" gifts. But if He does so, that gift will still be to assist
us to fulfill the functions He came here to perform, and to
bring glory to God's Son. It is up to Him. He knows our
   I know of several men whom the Lord has used in miracu-
lous ways in the last decade, but they would be greatly
offended if I were to share their names. One withered boy was
healed through a missionary, and the boy's family didn't even
know the missionary's name. All the little boy's father knew
was that Jesus had healed his son. It was indeed Jesus who
did the healing, so isn't that the way it's supposed to be?

Facing Reality 157

A Few Final Notes

   Some have wondered whether head-covering, and women
under authority, is an ordinance of the same importance as
baptism and communion. A reasonable question. Let's ask: Is
baptism more important than communion? It doesn't appear
to be. All of God's Word is inspired, and "Man shall not live on
bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth
of God," MAT 4:4. All of God's ordinances are stated as firm
commands, so to please the Lord, our obedience to His Word
cannot be selective:

Baptism is a symbol of our burial and resurrection with
Christ Jesus.

Communion is a symbol of our identification with the cross
of Christ.

Head-covering and women under authority are symbols of
the sovereignty of God, His government, the defeat of Satan,
the salvation of the soul, and the headship of Christ over the

   Many sisters have asked how big, and of what, should a
head-covering be made? The Greek word katakalupto_
(Strongs No.2619g, defined: to cover up), used in 1CO 11:5-6,
implies a veil, something "coming down over" the head.
Scripture tells us no more than that, so neither will the author.
There are no verses on material or color. Over the years,
various groups have mandated various styles, colors and
materials, and those traditions have stood them well. But
whatever you wear, it should be obvious that your covering is
not for fashion's sake. It is "for the angels," and they're not
influenced by what is in vogue.
   Is a head-covering to be worn during church only, or if not,
for how many hours of the day should a woman's head be
covered? Well, Scripture states, "...when praying or prophesy-
ing." Many sisters pray throughout the day, and a woman's
head should be covered any time she prays. Some churches
advocate a covering except when sleeping, and we know one
brother who was relieved of devilish dreams after his wife
started wearing a nightcap.
   Men and boys are not permitted to cover their heads. Only
women and girls can. Since a wife is one flesh with her
husband, she has the privilege and responsibility of showing to

158 Demons in the Church

the angels the spiritual position of her whole family. Surely,
dear sister, you would want that head-covering to be noticeable
enough so that both sides would know that your soul, and the
souls of the family you represent belong to Jesus!
   How silent is silence? Women not speaking or holding forth
on doctrinal truths (while the church is assembled as a mixed
congregation) is mandated by Scripture. Neither may they
question what is taught while in church 1CO 14:34-35. If that
passage is interpreted in the strictest sense, silence would
include singing, and being members of the choir. There are
brethren who hold so sober a view, and one would be hard-
pressed to call it error. These are strict and exact statutes, but
we did not write the rules, and it is not up to the clay to tell
the Potter what He should do.
   What can women scripturally do in the church? They can
perform any function that does not break a type of Christ and
the church. This includes teaching other women and children.
In fact, that is probably what 1TI 2:15 is all about:

1TI 2:15 But women shall be preserved through the bearing of
children if they continue in faith and love and sanctity with self-restraint. (NASB)

   What will be preserved? This verse certainly isn't about sal-
vation; it appears in a passage about women's position in the
church. As a result, it seems that through children, a woman's
ministry will be preserved. In 2TI 1:5-6 we read that Paul
credits Timothy's mother and grandmother for his "sincere
faith." But they taught him as a boy, and at home. They
didn't preach to him from the pulpit!
   Christian wife, do you have an unsaved husband? Obey 1PE
3:1-2. Note "they will be won without a word." Many unsaved
husbands are not led to the Lord because some militant wife,
believing she is doing God's will by beating her husband over
the head with the Bible, has instead driven him away. The
author's wife won him back to the Lord by being subject to that
Scripture. He could find no fault in her. His now being in full-
time Christian service is in great part the fruit of that dear
woman's selfless service. As is true for us all, if women today
would do exactly what God's Word says, their efforts for Him
would bear the most fruit.
   What about women "pastors" or church leaders who do take
authority over men? Sometimes their ministry seems to be
blessed. Church history clearly shows that God's governmental

Facing Reality 159

judgment will fall on churches with women in authority. They
will have a deluding spirit, leading to false doctrine and
eventual apostasy. Many sects and splinter groups were either
begun, or strongly influenced, by women: Christian Science,
the Shakers, the Seventh Day Adventists, the Methodists, the
Pentecostals and others. The greatest example of them all
being the deification of the Virgin Mary by the Roman papacy.
   In some mainline Protestant denominations, both male and
female "pastors" are now teaching precepts so humanistic that
people cannot come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus
through what they preach. Women "theologians" are calling
our sovereign God "a Baker woman God," and are retranslating
the Bible to weaken the doctrine of His masculine nature.124
In their feminism, they blaspheme. Jesus said, "I and My
Father" (not I and my neuter) "are one." Just another strange
contortion that Satan has led the church to take when it
departed from God's Word and ignored His governmental

ISA 29:13 ...This people draw near with their words and honor Me
with their lip service, but they remove their hearts far from Me,
And their reverence for Me consists of tradition learned by rote.

   But despite all this "spiritual wickedness in high places," it's
still a truth battle. Jesus won the power struggle on the cross.
It is a fight against the traditions of man and the deceptions
of the enemy. It was Gospel truth that changed the Roman
Empire. That same truth can change the world today:

MAT 10:16 & MAT 28:20 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the
midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as
doves. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have com-manded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the
world. Amen. (KJV)

   Most of us think we are powerless because we don't have
seminary training, or are not behind a pulpit. That's just as
big a lie of the devil now as it has always been. The apostle
Paul didn't start out as the pastor of a large Gentile church
either. Power is not in the Christian's position in the church;
power is in the truth! The minute you are willing to put your-

124 That's Outrageous, Readers Digest, Oct 1992, p127 col.1

160 Demons in the Church

self on the line for the truth of the Bible, its power will become
abundantly evident to you. The enemy will come against you
in all his lying force. During the whole Christian Era, not one
single martyr died for going along with the crowd, so...

Obey the head-covering ordinance (and associated com-
mands), and you will stir up the forces of darkness that
are attacking your church, and be up to your neck in
a spiritual battle!

   If you still think that's a joke, just try it. If you really want
to stand for Jesus, here's your chance. Now that you under-
stand what head-covering is all about, you can be a bastion
against the forces of darkness, no matter how unimportant you
consider yourself to be. By obeying these commands, and
without saying a word to anyone, you will personally be in the
   But don't think it will be easy. If people think you are
wearing that covering for style, they will leave you alone; but
the minute they discover that you're doing it for Jesus, you'll
get ridicule and verbal abuse, and you'll find your friends
deserting you. That is the way the Lord said it would be, 2TI
3:12, and that's how you'll know you're doing something

HEB 11:7 By faith Noah, being warned by God about things not yet
seen, in reverence prepared an ark for the salvation of his household,
by which he condemned the world, and became an heir of the
righteousness which is according to faith. (NASB)

   And that is exactly what you will be doing. Condemning the
god of this world who caused the fall of man. I implore you,
stand for the Word of God. Stand for Jesus. There are very
few today who will. Compromise is everywhere, and many will
try to lead you away from what is written here. Please don't
let them, because Jesus can use you, whoever you are.

126 MAT 5:11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and perse-
cute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my
sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in
heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

Facing Reality 161

   I knew a Bible teacher once, long ago, who was a drunken
profligate. He was bound by the worst sort of sordid immorali-
ty and wickedness; sins that sometimes accompany alcoholism,
and "which are hidden because of shame." 2CO 4:2. Though he
was teaching the Bible honestly, not in anyone's wildest
dreams could it be said that he was walking with the Lord
while he was in such abominable sin. Then the Lord reached
down and changed that man's sinful heart.
   Strangely enough, since the Lord cleansed that degenerate
brother, he is one of the few men I know in Christian service
who is willing to stand on the whole Word of God with a
humble heart. He was forgiven much, and loves much LUK
7:47. But, if that ex-libertine is any example of the few willing
warriors the Lord has left, then surely there is little hope... for
that wretched man was I.
   There is a point to telling my story. If God can forgive and
still use me despite my appalling past, what is your excuse?
What is there in your life that you think the God of heaven
cannot forgive, or cannot cleanse through the blood of the Lord
Jesus, His perfect sacrifice, His blessed Son? Come to Him
this minute, my friend. Come to Him who died for you. Get
on your face before God and ask forgiveness for your sins.
Learn of Him from His wonderful and eternal Word, and go
forth in the power of His might. Maybe the Lord would still
withhold the devastation that He has decreed upon our land.
For even as we look about us, this wicked country crumbles.
   As the malignant cancer of gross heresy spreads, we behold
the death of the church. We are the pallbearers of the truths
for which the martyrs died. We stand by, wringing our hands,
as the god of this world buries the Gospel of Jesus Christ in
the muck of ungodliness. We have lost the fortitude of John
Hooper... the faith of Augustine the baker... the strength of
Leonhard Keyser... the courage of that young Englishman... the
anointing of those six nameless brethren strangled at the
stake. We have forgotten how to walk with God.
   Could God heal? Of course! But many will say in their
hearts, "This message is not for me, but for that cold-hearted
church down the street," and fire will again consume. This
time though, the fire comes for us, 2PE 3:7-10. There are those
who will find convoluted, counter-scriptural ways around what
is written here, and they will find multitudes to agree with
them. Some false prophet again will pipe (probably via
satellite) and all will dance, MAT 11:17.

162 Demons in the Church

   But keeping our heads in the sand will not delay the coming
storm. The Lord predicted judgment on an unrighteous Israel
in too many Scriptures to count. All they had was the Old
Testament. The church has the whole Bible, the whole counsel
of God, and we shall not escape. God's Word will stand:

Thus says the Lord of hosts,
"Do not listen to the words of the prophets
   who are prophesying to you.
They are leading you into futility;
They speak a vision of their own imagination,
Not from the mouth of the Lord.
They keep saying to those who despise Me,
The Lord has said, 'You will have peace';
And as for everyone who walks in the stubbornness
   of his own heart,
They say, 'Calamity will not come upon you."

But who has stood in the council of the Lord,
That he should see and hear His word?
Who has given heed to His word and listened?
Behold, the storm of the Lord has gone forth in wrath,
Even a whirling tempest;
It will swirl down on the head of the wicked.
The anger of the Lord will not turn back
Until He has performed and carried out the purposes of His heart;

In the last days you will clearly understand it.

I did not send these prophets,
But they ran.
I did not speak to them,
But they prophesied.
But if they had stood in My council,
Then they would have announced My words to My people,
And would have turned them back from their evil way
And from the evil of their deeds."

JER 23:16-22 (NASB)

   The end is almost upon us now. We are only prophetic
seconds from the end, and the clock is ticking. Bible prophecy
is now open for us to understand, if anybody still cares, or is
looking. But the church today is neither hot nor cold, just
lukewarm, like Jesus said it would be. He will spit it out of

Facing Reality 163

His mouth as He declared He would REV 3:16.128 In Europe
today, less than 3% of the population is Christian, and that is
dwindling. The great cathedrals are empty. The flame flickers
there, and spiritual darkness cloaks the land, JOH 9:4. In our
own country, the church is so worldly that saint cannot be told
from sinner. Night has fallen here, too, but we'll keep dancing.
Some cry for revival, but it won't come. Too few are willing to
pay the price for it -- a broken-hearted repentance before the
Lord and submission to His Word.

"Oh, that Thou
wouldst rend the heavens
and come down,
That the mountains might quake
at Thy presence."
when the Son of man cometh,
shall he find faith
on the earth?"

ISA 64:1 & LUK 18:8


128 Ellis H. Skolfield, Hidden Beast 2, (P.O. Box 453, Fort Myers, FL
33902, Fish House, 1991)

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